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BACK TO THE FUTURETHE HYBRID GENERATION(THE JOURNEY BEGINS)As marketing guru Phillip Kotler quotes and I state “the future is not ahead of us, it has already happened”, well the earth is not revolving the other way or the humans are not on rewind but I really believe life comes in a full circle, be it the life of a human or that of a product. To complete that circle humans are going back to what their ancestors have preached in the past. But here the only essence that has been added to the circle and that makes human life more viable is TECHNOLOGY. Precisely we all know how hard it is to solve a Rubix cube but the truth is there is nothing new to solve as it has already been solved. People have a habit of always looking back into the past to guide themselves into the future. Looking back some are inspired, some are motivated and the rest are educated yet they just imitate what has already happened with some add-on technology featurette so we can say technology takes time but arrives a…

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